HOLIDAY DECOR ..Full-on Clark Griswald?

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With the Thanksgiving holiday behind us, decorating for the Christmas season is in about to be in full swing.
Families are dragging reindeer, nativity scenes, tinsel and all sorts of sparkle and glitter out of their attics in anticipation of making their homes look like a holiday storybook.
But this season presents a bit of a predicament for those whose houses are on the market. Part of you wants to stage it to look open-house ready and the other part wants to go full-on Clark Griswald. Do the same staging rules apply during the holidays?
You just have to do it tastefully and simply.
“I always recommend to my clients that they declutter everything,” she said. “Less is more, and when you are selling your home, it needs to feel nice and airy. Christmas is such a friends-and-family-oriented holiday that I wouldn’t discourage anyone from decorating, but you don’t want a potential buyer to think they’ve walked into the North Pole.”
Here are the top five ways to make your holiday decorations a selling tool, not a scare tactic.
1. Show off your tree
Realtors and home stagers agree that a Christmas tree can really add something to a home when it’s being shown during the holidays. Having a tree up can help a family looking at your home know where they will put their own tree if they were to buy the house, so I think it can be a good tool when decorating your home for the holidays . “Just don’t overdo it.” Another suggestion keeping the pile of presents small and unobtrusive and minimizing personal ornaments.
2. De-personalize a bit
Christmastime décor can be full of cherished knick-knacks made by your kids and all sorts of stuff that is invaluable to you, but it may just appear tacky to others. So as you decorate for the holidays, Hockaday recommends using more generic Christmas décor and limiting the personal stuff.
3. Reel in the Griswald
You may love the 6,000 lights you drape across your home each December, but if your home happens to be on the market this year, skip the full-blown concert light show and keep décor simple. We recommend stockings, a small tree and just a few basics if you want to sell your home this holiday season.
4. More seasonal, less religious
Just in case you have visitors to your home who don’t share your same religious beliefs, it can be a good idea this year to keep décor more seasonal and less religious. Excessive religious décor, whether Chanukah or Christmas, could be off-putting to potential buyers who may not be able to see the home on the other side of your décor.
5. Listen to your Realtor
Listing your home is hard enough at any time of the year, but trying to de-clutter and de-personalize your home during the holidays can bring another set of challenges. It’s easy to get distracted with your décor, so listen to the advice of your Realtor or stager. You have to keep the holiday décor minimal, so buyers can actually focus on your home.